Please can you identify my new girl - Speckledy or not?

Mrs D

8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
I was rather hoping someone helpful might be able to confirm the identify of my new girl - she was rescued inches from a fox a few weeks ago by a friend and we took her in when he was unable to trace her owner. She has been with us for three weeks and over the last two days we have gradually integrated her with my three Warren girls (they all went to bed together in the coop last night and all was quiet - however she has spent all morning on tope of the coop as the Warrens chase her whenever she jumps down!)

Unfortunately, because of how we acquired her, she is a complete mystery - I think she is a Speckledy, but she has little tufts of feather in between her toes which I didn't think Speckledies had? I don't think she had ever been handled, as she was very nervous (even taking into account the fright she had with the fox) although is now quite happy for me to handle her. Also, although she feeds well on pellets and seed, she isn't at all familiar with any other treats (we regularly offer mealworms, veggie leftovers and dandelion shoots) she hasn't a clue what to do with them and eyes everything with suspicion. I am sure she will suss it out when she has spent more time watching the Warrens devouring everything placed in front of them!

I also have no idea how old she might be and have no idea how to tell - can you help please? Not sure whether to be laying yet or not (the fox took a big chunk of feathers from her back so I know she will need to recover these in any case)

Here she is anyway - dear little girl
Any comments greatly appreciated

Thats what I was thinking but hatchery stock,I had to look up Speckledy...
If your In the UK you could also have a Speckledy,either way you could just call her a Marans cross...
Thanks for your replies folks - I think whatever she is we will enjoy having her, she has become quite friendly (although this is possibly because the Warrens are constantly chasing her and she sees us as her protectors!)

Is there any foolproof way to tell how old a chicken is - I have Googled but cannot find anything specific and am quite curious?
Lol, funnily enough my 18 year old son suggested this as well!!

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