Please check your yard/pen everyday for glass

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    Yesterday my neighbor wanted me to look at her SLW. She was sitting hunched down like she was trying to lay an egg. Her comb and wattles were very pale. We tried warm soaks thinking maybe egg bound. Nothing happened. She wouldnt eat and drink. Then we noticed around her vent area she smelled bad. Like infection. We tried antibotics but it was too late. She passed this morning. This afternoon she took her to the vet for a necropsy. The vet found several pieces of glass in her crop and intestines. Thats what killed her. I am posting this because chickens scratch. They scratch up all kinds of things out of your yard. Please be very careful and dilligent about keeping debris out of the areas where chickens are. Even if you think your yard and run are clean you dont know what might be under the soil that chickens will scratch up. Check everyday. I know I will. This was one of her original girls and she was only about 18 months old. She takes very good care of her chickens and had no idea there was glass under the surface of her soil.
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    Oh thats so sad,
    Thank you for this information. very good to know.
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    very valid warning! my girls have uncovered all sorts of dangers scratching around, i finally found out the people who used to own the property used this area as a dumping ground.... so it seems i am always picking bits and pieces of 'stuff' glass, plastic etc- very frustrating

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