Please critique my design! Framing on Monday!

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Oct 26, 2014
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Please critique my design for 7-8 egg layers:

The 16x8' pad:

The design:

Thinking about extending the roof line to make a covered porch on the east side... All comments welcome!!

How high should I make the bottom of the coop to make sure I can clean underneath (planning on using construction sand)??
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My Coop
My Coop
As to cleaning under the coop:

Measure how far you can comfortably reach with a rake. Don't forget the angle of the rake...if it will hit the underside of the coop. Also, pay attention to how far you can SEE under the coop. Maybe make a mock-up with cardboard. You are not gonna be happy, if you have to lie down in chicken poop to grab an egg laid at the back corner under the coop.

General set-up:

I see you are in Alabama.. I have just driven through the state....but I did grow up in Texas. Maybe make one wall of the coop solid wire?


I love poop trays. But how far apart are your perches? One foot apart works for me. :confused: probably best to make them moveable, at least at first, in case you need to fine tune actual placement. Exactly where they need to be differs depending on the size of your girls, and just their temperment.

Other than that, looks good!!!

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