Please help/advise fox killed mother hen, 2 eggs on day 18.

Robyn Sparkles 13

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May 25, 2017
I'm crushed to say that our sweet broody hen was killed by a fox today. She was at the very tail end of sitting on 5 eggs, 3 hatched two days ago and the two remaining eggs are on approximately day 18/19.

I was gone when the attack occurred, the three babies made it out alright but the two eggs are quite cold. It's possible they were left unattended for approximately 10 hours.

Do you think they're viable? We do not have an incubator, I'm working on tracking one down, or finding a friend with a broody hen. Is there anything else that would work??
so sorry for your loss. But in the meantime, you could candle the eggs and look for any movements. Get them warm first, either a heating pad, heat lamp, around 98-100 degrees if possible. If there is any movement inside, they will also need a humid environment to hatch. Any kind of container that you can keep warm and humid will work in a pinch. There have been many creative things done, and with them being so far along, there is still plenty of opportunity for them to hatch.
good luck!
actual tapping would seem to mean internal pips. Be sure and candle them after they've warmed up a bit. When they cool off, they kinda hibernate.
Ok so we just candled them and the one that was making a tap had definite movement and we could actually hear a peep! The other it was much harder to see any movement but we're not giving up on it just yet! I have a small tuperware container with a damp sponge inside sitting on top of a heatingpad inside a box... do you think this will cut it?
it really depends on how warm that heating pad gets and how stable it is. Also, is the pad one with an auto-shutoff? Some turn off after a couple hours.

and a peep is a definite internal pip! That's a good thing! But since the egg sat without any warmth and humidity for a while, the chick may need assistance eventually. If it doesn't break the shell within about 24 hours of your best guess of when it broke the membrane, you may want to poke a small, very tiny hole in the shell, to give it some extra air.
Just to increase my understanding, @WVduckchick ....if using a heating pad, should the egg be in direct contact with the pad?

honestly, I've never tried it, and i was almost going to suggest making a dome with it, and putting the egg under it, but not in direct contact. More like a mother hen, but not too close to impede hatching efforts. i wish i had seen it used more for hatching, but i really don't know. I do know many people use them for brooding, make like a cave, and chicks go under.

but in a pickle situation, winging whatever possible, is at least one chance that the chick didn't have otherwise.

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