PLEASE HELP am I egg bound

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    Aug 23, 2009
    Hi reported the other day a Orpington which since the day I got her had a real pooie bum.

    Today she all puffed up tail down looking really sad, I've brought her in and bathed her but which appears undernether to be swollen and V hard. She had a poo when I was cleaning her and was really straining and a bit of her rectum took a long time to go back in after. She has eaten scambled egg with added cider viniger. She is now kind of lying on her side

    If she is egg bound what do I do need help PLEASE

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    May 2, 2009
    Keep her warm, calm, and quiet. You may want to put some olive oil on your finger and feel around inside her vent. Inside the vent, the egg opening is on the top and the poo opening is on the bottom. Warm water may help to relax her if you stand her in it. Sometimes it may help if she walks around a little bit, too. Monitor her VERY closely, and pm threehorses, she is very good with chicken medical issues.
  3. This is an instance where you can use a heating pad, separating her and bringing her to a warm place, as suggested. Even a hot water bottle wrapped in a rag can help. Or, if she can be handled, a shallow warm water shallow belly bath may be of huge benefit. It dilates the egg chute and allows water to assist in cleaning her out. It may take up to an hour, and she should cooperate, it feels very good to them. Be sure you have lots of warm rags/old towels and that you can get her dry and keep her warm though. This may have to be repeated, so you have to be prepared for that and you have to be in a place wher she can't escape, wet and cold.

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    I wish you the very best, be persistent! [​IMG]

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