Please help! Australop hen sick ~ Puffed up, tail down, poop not right :o(

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    Feb 7, 2012
    I'm new to this board but have used the advise of all you chicken friends many times. My hen Mavis is 3 yrs old, on Sunday we let the girls out in the yard to enjoy some green grass. Yesterday (Monday) I noticed that Mavis was not acting like her energetic happy self. She was sitting off in a corner all puffed up with her tail down. I brought her in and gave her some yogurt and egg yolk...she ate it just fine. I noticed that her poop was the grass...yep, just like it went in it came out??? I took her back out last night and she roosted just fine and was out this morning with the others...still a little puffed up and tail down. Again I brought her in and she ate and this time her poop looks just like the yogurt and egg yolk?? I did notice that she was starting to shake her head a bit...not excessively but more than usual. I have no idea what to do with her...Her crop feels pretty empty.... I appreciate any and all advice. Thanks!

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