Please help! Babies pooping blood!**UPDATE**

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  1. PoultryPam

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    3 week old chicks, 2 dead one dying, were pooping blood. What should I do? Update, the 3rd one just died and it was one of my Blue Cochins. What could this be and could I lose all my babies to this? Please help.
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  2. jen5680

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    It sounds like the dreaded coci and they need antibiotics fast!
  3. PoultryPam

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    I have Duramycin 10. How much to a gallon?
  4. chicmom

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    No antibiotics! You need a cocciodistat! I use CORID, and you can buy that at TSC. Mine was in a powder form, for cows--a 20% mixture, but you can put 3 tsp in 5 gallons of water. I used 1 tsp in one gallon, and they were fine. It works very quickly. You've gotta act fast.

    Your chicks should be placed in a very clean, dry environment. Wood shavings are fine. Get them some vitamins/electrolites for their water too.

    Good luck!
  5. Sunny Side Up

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    You should be able to get the medication at your feed store. Try Sulmet or Corid or It's easy to use, adding it to their drinking water. Try to get some asap & begin using it today.

    Meanwhile keep your chicks clean, warm, calm, well-fed & hydrated. Maybe a little chopped cooked egg for extra strength. This is a common ailment. Were your chicks vaccinated for cocci? Were you giving them medicated feed?

    [​IMG] I hope they get well soon.
  6. PoultryPam

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    Thanks everyone, going to TSC now, I hope they have the meds. Will clean out their coop as soon as I get back. Already gave them some boiled eggs and they loved it but there are still a couple in there that aren't as active as the others. They were all fine last night around 11pm when I went out this AM one was already dead, one died in my hand and the blue cochin died litterally minutes after my first post. Will do an update shortly, Thanks for yall's advice, I hope I'm not to late to save the rest.

  7. PoultryPam

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    Ok TSC didn't have sulmet or corden. Neither did Fam Services or Southern States.

    I called a local man that raises birds here and he said to give them the durimyicyn at least 1 teaspoon per gallon. He says he starts all his chicks on it. TSC had sulmet tablets, the were big and hard and like 64.00 a bottle but thats all I found.
    So far all the others are ok for the moment. They are all drinking the water and eating. I hate to go to work tonight and leave them.
  8. tothemoon

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    Sep 3, 2009
    I had a chick die yesterday, and saw bloody stool today. Should I give both anitibiotics and corid or just the corid? Also, they are in a barn next to other grown chickens, should i give it to them as well or just the babies? They are about 3 weeks old. I hatched some out myself then got some more chicks from a private breeder in the area and put them together.
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