Please Help, Baby chick has foot turned sideways


Jul 31, 2021
This chick hatched a little later than the other eggs due to probably being malpositioned but she seemed fine otherwise. But after a while, they were the only chick of the batch that was struggling to stand up properly. The incubator is lined with kitchen shelf lining and the brooder has a thick layer of pine shavings. When I pulled them out of the incubator I realized that one of its feet was twisted weirdly and the other one has its toes curled. The foot looks as if its facing inward towards the other leg. I have tried to find anything that looks similar but have come up short so far :/ Other than the leg bit, the chick is perfectly fine, they run around as best they can and are eating and drinking fine.

The chick has found a way to move around the brooder on their hocks but I can't imagine that being any good for them. They do attempt to stand every once in a while and have attempted to walk but there hasn't been any success so far.
I am not sure whether this is something the chick was born with or due to an injury they got while in the incubator and I want to help in any way I can if at all possible. I have made an appointment with the vet, but the soonest they can see the chick is Wednesday. I have put a bootie on the foot with the curled toes, but what can I do about their bent leg?


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Bumping this so the experts see it.

I see you've taped the left foot toes to straighten them; that's good.

Is the right foot so turned that the foot/toes won't move back to forward? Chick bones at this early stage are very limber and soft, so this might be recoverable, but I can't safely guide you further - sorry :-(
Thanks for the bump! The chick is able to flex its toes slightly and it looks like its left foot is completely normal now. They are able to hop around on the one good leg but the other leg is still curled under them.
I’m also having this issue with a bantam frizzle. Foot is turned sideways, she keeps off of it and now a pressure bump is forming from her sitting on a non proper portion of her leg. Taping the feet together doesn’t seem viable at the moment due to the foot being sideways. She gets around and drinks and eats, but her growth is definitely behind her fellow chicks as she is still the smallest. Any suggestions?


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