PLEASE HELP! Baby chick has runny poo? She is very lethargic?


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Jan 25, 2009
we have just got 4 new chicks. all are well except out little golden sebright(banty). we have had them for a week and the little one has had crusty vent since we got it. what can we do? the poo is very runny. the poor little one has the squirts. please help.


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Jun 17, 2008
Middle Tennessee
What is your brooder temperature? What are you feeding? Do they all have access to water, and are they safely out of drafts?

Just getting the basic questions so we can eliminate the obvious stuff. If your chick's bottom is very crusty, you might carefully hold her little bottom under warm running water and gently wipe off the crusty stuff. Gently dry the chick and place back under the heat lamp. Never pick the crust off, as you can damage the chick.

Hope that helps. Please keep us posted on how chick is doing!
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