Please help, baby chick standing in one place with eyes closed!!

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    Hi there, I just have one baby chick and its 3 weeks old. The temperature where you live is about 80 degree farhenheit so I figured I didn't need the brooding lamp. My chick had been completely fine so far without it. Last night my little brother turned on the air conditioner in our room and it was on for about 6 hours. I woke up and immediately turned on the brooding lamp and as well as covered it with a blanket and warned it up for almost an hour. I let the brooding lamp stay on the rest of the night. It seemed pretty fine at the moment. In the morning later on, it's been just closing its eyes and standing in one place, and hasn't been eating nor drinking. Occasionally it comes in my lap and stands there doing the same thing. I'm really worried and i tried feeding it yoghurt with electrolyte substitutes that I looked up online (our local pharmacy had run out), sugar water and noodles cause it really loves that. It ate a little bit and even was running around as usual for a while. But now its doing the same. I really don't know what to do, please help. She's like my own baby to me. Also it's poop had been very runny, mostly water.
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    What do you normally feed? Why only have one chick? Have a large enough enclosure so the heat lamp can stay on BUT make sure the chick can get completely away from the heat by moving to the other side of the cage. If the cage is too small and they can't escape the heat it could be fatal.

    Scramble up an egg (don't use a non-stick frying pan) and see if the chick will eat some.
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    Coccidiosis can be common at this age, although it is more common with chicks on the ground. Diarrhea or blood in droppings, lethargy, not eating, and hunched or puffed up posture are common symptoms. Cocci is treated with Corid (amprollium) in the water. Until then I would give it electrolytes (SaveAChick) with a dropper or encourage it to drink. A bit of plain yogurt or buttermilk would also be good.

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