Please help baby with pasty butt and now loosing feathers

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    So my chick is about a week and a half old I got it 6 days ago and I have had to soak and get the poop off its butt a few times now. Earlier today I soak and then I went to put some olive oil on its bottom just a bit ago and it's looks like this now and when I picked it up it shot diarrhea all over me leg!!! It's acting normal and has been eating and drinking great and I do have ACV in the water and they are also on medicated chick feed and under a heat lamp at 90 degrees what else can I do for it?!?
    Sorry for the graphic pic on my baby's bum
    Updated picture of 12 hours later. It poops all the time but just a little bit and its runny but normal looking and it poops a lot right when I pick it up or after.
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    How much ACV are you putting in the water? Too much can discourage them from drinking and cause digestive problems. Poor thing does look dangerously swollen up in that first wonder it "exploded" over you when you picked it up. I imagine that must have been quite a relief for it....maybe less so for you! [​IMG]

    I would keep up with the soaking and oiling until it gets over it and maybe get a probiotic to help improve it's digestive bacteria and some chick vitamins.
  3. Hi, welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    What are you feeding? Up your protein by feeding some hard boiled, smashed egg. Are you giving any treats?

    Maybe do electrolyte water instead of the acv. Recipe is 1/2 teaspoon each salt and baking soda, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, and 2 cups warm water. Serve full strength. Can substitute white sugar.

    Too much heat can cause pasty butt. Does the chick have a place to play that isn't hot? Their whole environment doesn't have to be that warm, just where they are sleeping and able to come warm up when playing. Oil can go rancid, so it is suggested to use vaseline or something like that. Do you have other chicks? Have you noticed them picking at that area?
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    They are only on medicated chick feed. I haven't given then anything else but I'm thinking maybe during the night last night one of the bigger chicks could have been picking at him once I put the olive oil on. I switched to Vaseline today (someone else suggested Neosporin?). They are in a large plastic tote and the heat lamp is just at one end but I went ahead a lifted it up a little bit.
    I will try the other water and boiled egg today...all of the egg or just the yolk. I have 4 chicks the other 3 are fine. Is it okay for them all to have the egg?
  5. The whole egg will be fine and it is OK for them all to eat it.

    A small scoop of dirt from your yard might be nice as well. It will help them build some immunity.

    Sounds like this little guy is just having a hard time getting his system going. I had 1 like that before. Being consistent at keeping the bum clear is great. Once I thought I was in the clear and quit checking and lost one. Shipped chicks always have the hardest time for me.

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