PLEASE HELP-Blood in chicken poop

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    Oct 31, 2008
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    A few weeks ago my husband and I got two naked neck silkies at a chicken show. They are about 4 months old according to the seller. They are currently separated from other chickens in an indoor cage with pine and cedar bedding. The poulet seems fine, but the male seems to have digestion problems. The first week he had watery poop and sometimes there was some blood in the poop. We separted the two and put Terramycin in their water (1/4 tsp per 2cups) along with Avia Charge 2000. We also ground the feed (Dumor Grower) a little finer in a clean coffee grinder. We also added a bit of probiotics to the feed. His appetite has been fine, but the first week he was drinking water like crazy (probably because he was losing so much in his poop). There was also a gurgling sound when he drank water (not a vocalization, but like the kind of gurgling sound my stomach would make).

    By the next week his poop firmed up, but there was occasionally a bit of blood still. His drinking rate decreased to what I would assume is normal. With this improvement we stopped grinding the food finer and put the two forlorn chickens in one cage. He went several days without watery or bloody poop, but yesterday there was some bloody mucus again and it was watery! I was thinking of calling the vet, but the poop looked normal so far today. I don't know how serious this is considering that he doesn't seem to be suffering.

    By the way, my husband and I are new to the world of chickens. We moved to a property that came with a largely self sufficent flock of what the previous owner called jungle fowl. Don't worry, the silkies will not be put out with the "jungle fowl" Those silkies are pets. They are truly the lap dogs of the chicken world.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    He either has cocci or worms. Terramycin is useless for either and it will mask symptoms you WANT to show so you can know what he has.
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    Do you know if these silkies were vaccinated for Marek's???

    One of the symptoms is bloody stools...

    I would start to add some ACV to their water... and also mix some yogurt with their meal to make a gruely paste.. yogurt will help balance their digestive tract.

    Keep them sepaarted till you figure this out..
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    If they have coccidia (which they might if they have had dirt exposure at your place or at the seller's and they now have bloody diarrhea), there are medications you can get from the feed store- depending on what country you are in, there are different ones available. If you want to know what parasite you are dealing with (if it is one), arrange to have a fecal looked at by a vet, or hook up with an experienced local chicken do-it-your-selfer who has a microscope.

    If they survive the acute coccidia exposure and infection, they should become immune. The fancy birds you purchased probably had not been exposed before to coccidia or maybe your place's particular coccidia species. Pretty much anywhere that has chickens on dirt or pasture has resident coccidia in the soil. Anytime you bring new birds in, you may see this. Some people feed medicated chick start to the newbies to help them not be overwhelmed when exposed, and some add sulmet or similar to the water of newbies.

    If you are in the US, sulmet is a water soluble coccidiostat. If you are overseas- look into baycox for coccidia. and have a fecal sample looked at to make sure you have coccidia before buying the treatment.
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    Feb 19, 2012
    can anyone help me?

    my chicken-named acorn- has got very thick blood coming out of her. it is like poo but completely red.
    is this really serious or can i get help for her

    details: acorn is coming up for four years and is a rode island red. she has a limp but has had that for most of her life.she lives in a coop that could fit twenty chucks in it but only has four in.
    please help me cos i love her sooo much!!!

  6. Karhog

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    Feb 15, 2012
    I would treat for Cocci- not sure what meds are available to you (though your pet store or vet will know) as I live in the UK.
    I am currently treating my three girls for this and have sen a definate improvement.
  7. scrabbles

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    Feb 19, 2012
    thanks i live in the uk too so what would be good medication to ask for?
    i hope your chucks get better soon!
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    Feb 15, 2012
    I am currently treating my girls and they are on Anti Biotics (mine are on Baytril but I believe Tylan is also very good. For Cocci i am using Coxoid diluted in their water which is available online and without prescription.
    I have also ordered Bi OO Cyst and Stalosan online to clean, disinfect and prevent further breakouts of Cocci.
    remember when using Bayrtil or Coxoid there is an egg withdrawel period of approx 28 days- I have been feeding eggs scrambled back to the girls...they love it!
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    Hi, my first thought with blood in the stool would be coccidiosis. Most common. Treat with sulfadimethoxine, baycox or corrid-right away.

    I've never seen blood in the stool listed as a symptom for Marek's-I'm not saying it's impossible, but cocci would be the most likely.

  10. scrabbles

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    Feb 19, 2012
    ok i'll keep that in mind!!! thanks for all your help

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