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    Apr 29, 2011
    I have a broody hen. This is the 1st time for me. I know she has some eggs under her but I don't know how many. Can I move her to check the egg and then put her back?? I'm worried if I move her she won't want to seat anymore. Please help.
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    I move them at least twice a day. If they are really broody, it is difficult to break them. If she is in the coop with the others, you need to mark the eggs (Sharpie or crayon works great) then check under her every day to remove any added eggs. Others may lay in her nest and she may steal eggs.

    All about broodies:
  3. If she is truley broody you can pick her up and set her down next to the nest and she will not move! It's funny how they just feel the need to set. You can check the eggs, mark them as the ones one want hatched, and put her back on. Once you mark the ones shes on now you can remove any new additions.

    It is a great experience. My broody won't quit and just hatched the four I had under her. They are amazing to watch with their momma. The way nature intended it.

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