***PLEASE HELP***call duck pipped 24 hrs ago

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    Helo there,
    one of my two call duck eggs pipped about 24 hours ago and its now about half way round its shell but making very little progress its got plenty fight in it and is kicking and chirping like crazy with its bill poking out the egg but not getting very far then it will stop and have a rest for a hour or so,
    please help as i think ive lost the other chick inside its un- pipped shell and i really want this one to live this will be my first duck hatched as i also had three campbells dead in the shell last month

    thanks Andrew
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  2. Are you sure that it has been pipped for 24 hours? If so, then its time to help out.
  3. Start by slowling breaking the shell along where it has pipped. If you see any bright red blood, or engorged veins, stop and try again in about 3 hours (but if it has been pipped for 24 hours you shouldnt see either).

    Next, slowly pull back the top of the shell to expose the ducklings head. What color is the membrane? If it is white, wet the membrane with some warm water and set the duckling back in the incubator to come the rest of the way out of the shell.
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    I agree with sundown! 24 hours it will get weak quickly. make sure it is not stuck to the shell from low humidity. If so, get some very warm water and gently get the membrane wet again ....don't douse it just wipe it with your fingertip and let it absorb slowly.

    What is your temp and humidity right now? should be about 99 and 60% humidity at least.

    Good luck
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  5. olpoll

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    yes it was pipped yesterday afternoon when i got home it broke through the membrane about 9pm last night its 6pm at the moment over here so it pipped over 24 hours ago and broke through about 21 hours ago HELP!
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  6. Do what I said in post 3, now. Good Luck. [​IMG]
  7. olpoll

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    thanks sundownwaterfowl,
    i took your advice and helped the little fella out after a lot of wriggling and falling around he is now sitting quit and looking alert also nicely drying out

    ive no dout your advice saved the little fella and ive learned a lot in the process,

    he's my first duck hatch and ive called him frankie after my
    father- in- law who sadly died at christmas.
  8. Thats wonderful. Im so glad he is doing great. Sometimes those calls just need a little help getting out. [​IMG]
  9. gervais22

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    May 21, 2008
    Yeah I would help out after 24h, seen as it is a call duck...
  10. olpoll

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    thanks again every one ill put some pics on tomorrow when i put him in the brooder

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