please help can you use neosporin in eye?


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May 21, 2009
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I have a nankin pullet who has been fighting a closed swollen eye. I have bee rinsing it with eye drops but it is still obviously painful and swollen. She has no other symptoms other than this (it's bee several days) I swabbed her throat with vet rx to maybe help if there was anything in her sinuses but she is breathing clear with no discharge. I think she just must have got something in it and it got infected. The feed stores in my area are not all that well equipped for poultry. Can I put some neosporin in her eye? maybe if I dilute it with some eye drops?
If you suspect something is in her eye, liberally flush with saline solution. It is recommended to use terramycin eye ointment for bacterial infections of the eye.
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oh I would not use that in her eye I would get soothing specific for the eyes.. you can use Epson salts melted in warm water as a wash and it feels good in the eyes..

today I am not seeing any gunk in her eye now she is able to keep it open and there are bubbles now. She seems to be feeling better but I think I may give her a round of duramicyn just to be sure in case it's respiratory. It's the only thing I have on hand besides vet rx and I am going out of town the next few days. I will have my sister come take care of her. So frustrating! We have had two years of smooth sailing with chickens and this has to be the toughest spring/ summer yet! the heat is causing ALL KINDS of problems! I think their immunity is just down b/c of the enormously high temps and super dry conditions. I go on vacation in 3 weeks and I really can't have any sick chickens to worry about!

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