Please help! cat with badly infected wound on her head.

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by roxyblue, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Hello Everyone,
    First off I hope that this is alright considering this is a chicken forum, but i figured that so many of you have cats that a few of you may be able to help me. My cat disapeared a few days ago, only to return with a badly infected wound on her head, I can't find the actual wound through all of the dreid up puss. I have treid pouring some hydrogen peroxide on it and cleaned it up as much as she would allow me, (not much [​IMG] ). There is puss covering most of the top of her head with a little bit of dreid blood, And it all smells AWFUL. Please help!
    thanks so much for reading.
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    i can only recommend going to a vet. a severely infected wound is bad enough; but on the head, so close to her brain, you're lucky she even made it back home... she really needs a vet. sorry [​IMG] i hope she recovers!
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    We had a cat named Toby who had a similar wound. I put him in the tub with warm running water and scrubbed his head til I got it cleaned and it bled some. Then I pour peroxide on the wound and kept him indoors. It healed up fine.

    Now I know there are those who are opposed to peroxide and I know it kills good cells as it does bad but it works. Toby just couldn't mind his own business and had more than one wound in his lifetime.

    Please be sure to spay and neuter your pets.

  4. If you cant afford to go to a vet, try to find a farm feed type store. We have Big R, or something like Tractor Supply. There should be a regridgerated medicine supply. Pick up some penecillin and some syringes, as small as they have. The antibiotic they carry will be for farm livestock type animals. Calculate the weight proportions and give the cat a dose of antibiotic.

    They will also have the a topical wound treatment there too. There is a pink salve, or Blue Lotion (actually a purple color) and many other choices. I use emu oil with the blue lotion, and a little iodine. Emu oil will penetrate to the bone so I always keep a supply for wounds to the livestock.

    The main thing tho is to stop the infection.

    Some one else may have another suggestion, but I have told you what I would do. Good luck and give an update when you can.
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    That sounds awful! Sounds like she has an abcess and it's opened. If it's smelling I personally would take her to the vet -- I believe the smell means it's infected. I don't know if that's an option for you though. Somewhere around the house I know we have a natural remedy book for animals... I can't seem to find it though. The one thing I know is listed is garlic, probably internally, but I'm not sure. Wish I could find it. [​IMG]

    But I'm wishing you luck and lots of good advice with your cat! [​IMG]
  6. BorderKelpie

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    The best thing to do (other than a good vet) would be to get that wound cleaned up and draining. You may need to get her wrapped securely in a towel or something, but get her head cleaned up enough to start bleeding/draining. Then, do it daily until it heals. The antibiotics are not a bad idea, but the most important is to get that mess cleaned up.

    Good luck to you!
  7. AinaWGSD

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    Sounds like an abscess. If it smells it is definitely infected and a vet wouldn't be a bad idea. If that is not an option, you need to wrap her snugly in a towel (kitty burrito) and apply warm compress to the area to draw out the infection. Do this twice daily until you aren't getting any more drainage. If you really feel the need for it you can use peroxide the first time or two, but not after that. Personally I don't think the peroxide is really necessary at all and it stings which your kitty is definitely not going to appreciate. One of my indoor cats has had abscesses on his head twice (darn cat just can't leave the other cat alone...and since the other cat is front declawed I am sure his were from bite wounds). Both times he started hiding out under the bed more than usual before I noticed the swelling on his face. I had to look closely to find the scabs from the bite wound and picked them off or soaked them off with a warm wash cloth. The first time it happened, DH asked if that was his brain coming out! Once I got the abscess opened up and draining he felt much better and stopped hiding. It took a few days of warm washcloth compresses to get it cleared up but it did resolve without going to the vet for antibiotics. If you can't get kitty to hold still for twice daily compresses, then the only real option is to get her to a vet for antibiotics.
  8. anderson8505

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    Quote:I agree w this. Had similar cat wound. Scrub it! This apply neospOrin and keep wound clean. If he develops fever you will have to vet him or get antibiotics somehow
  9. coonhoundmama87

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    Oct 26, 2011
    Wrap the cat up as tight as you can in a blanket or towel or something of the sort. Have someone else hold it and clean the wound with peroxide. I agree with the shot of penicillin. Also put some triple antibiotic ointment on it good and thick once it's cleaned. I'd maybe put a bandange on it but change it often. Oh, and keep it caged for a while so it heals. And if you can get one of those plastic cones (or a soft one whichever) and put it on so the cat can't scratch it's head. Hope this helps. It's what I would do. Hope kitty feels better soon!
  10. Kaelinstorm

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    May 17, 2011
    Quote:I agree w this. Had similar cat wound. Scrub it! This apply neospOrin and keep wound clean. If he develops fever you will have to vet him or get antibiotics somehow

    x2 The smell indicates infection in the area. If there is no fever then its possible it hasnt spread yet. Keep it clean but not covered so the puss and wound can drain. Apply neosporin or any other topical antibiotic. If she develops a fever, she will need a more aggressive antibiotic which you really can only get from a vet. I would also try to keep her indoors so you can closely monitor her and keep outside dirt and pollens out of the area. Ive had experience with this before when my rooster gave my kitty cat a good talon to the side of his face and it got infected. I was lucky enough to take him to the vet but this is basically what was done (we just were able to get the antibiotic shot done first)

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