Please help Charlie the house chicken!

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    Hi all--I am having a problem with my house chicken Charlie. A little background...He is a 4? year old rooster that I got from a friend 3 years ago. My chickens wouldnt allow him in the coop and he lost a lot of weight living in the barn with a few other "outcasts." When I foun him his feet were frozen. I brought him in the house and they thawed, then came off, then his shanks dropped off. So now he walks on his drumsticks which have grown a little pad-like thing like a foot--sort of. He lives in the house in the winter and in a pen with shelter and a duck buddy in the summer. So--this is his third winter in the house. Last week I noticed that his comb was paler and he was sleeping more and not crowing at 7AM to wake me up. I medicated him with Sulmet/tetracycline in his water for a week, shrouded his cage and put in a heating pad and he seemed to get better; eating better and crowing again. Now two days later he has stopped crowing again and is even paler. I checked him for mites and he did/does have some; I dusted him with wood ash tonight and started him on Sulmet again. I plan to go to TSC and get some Sevin to dust him with tomorrow...or maybe I can find mine (it's got to be here somewhere!) I also cleaned and washed his cage and gave him a new towel. Is there anything else I should do for him? He just finished is molt--I had to desheath all the feathers on his head cause he looked like a porcupine! I guess they use their feet to help with that! One site said that they can get a pale comb during that time...I am worried though--he is such a personable bird! Thanks for reading--I sure hope somebody has ideas! Terri O
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    You need to give him some electrolytes. Pedialyte is good to use. Also can we see a pic of the roo?
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    Someone else with more knowledge will come along with some more advice soon. But until then, I would also use Wazine, Safegard(panacur) or Ivermectin to deworm him with. Sulmet is only for coccidia, the others I mentioned will get roundworms incase that is the problem. You can also use Ivermectin for mites but you'll have to do a search for that on this site to get the dosage and application. You can search here also for a dose for your roo orally depending on his weight for internal parasites. Good luck.
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    Did you follow up his med treatment with a probiotic? Medication is hard on their gut and the good bacteria in there gets destroyed by them. The probiotics help restore that good bacteria. Why are you treating with Sulmet? This does not sound like the appropriate treatment for his symptoms. I would not retreat with it. I would focus on the mites and a good vitamin and electrolyte formula, preferrably with a probiotic if you can get one (we order ours online) and monitor. His symptoms are pretty typical of a stressed bird in moult and some bug issues. Give him a little boost and hopefully there's nothing else going on.
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    Couldn't she also use a good yogurt with beneficial bacteria in it? We've used that on our birds and they love it. Just make sure it's not lowfat or has artificial sweeteners in it!

    Good Luck!

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    Here is a picture of Charlie in Happier times...I will post another tomorrow when my camera comes home![​IMG] Terri O

    Charlie the (legless) house chicken
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    Be careful with the Sulmet. If you do not know what you are actually up against, you can do more harm with using any antibiotics or the wrong ones. In addition to that, how many days did you give the Tetracyclines or the Sulmet in the first place? If you stop too early, he may get resistant to the medication.

    Has he ever been dewormed?
    Are his droppings of normal consistency?
    Does he eat/drink as normal?
    How does his crop feel/any unusual smell?

    Can you stabilize him with giving a vitamin/electrolyte water solution or even better Polyvisol without iron?
    Can you mix Probiotics or Yogurt in his feed to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria. because all the good bacteria has probably been killed with the Antibiotic?
    Have you put organic Apple Cider Vinegar in his water?

    Pretty boy. I hope he will be better soon. It is so nice of you to take such wonderful care of him after all he went through.
  8. Terri O

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    OK--I took out the Sulmet water and switched it with electrolyte water. It is Blue Ribbon by Merrick's for poultry. It says it had lactobaccilus in it. Good thing--the only yogurt I have left is the light kind that has aspartame. I bet he would love yogurt though. I have to go and loo at the other threads for the worming doses. I have panacur for goats and pyrantel pamoate for puppies and kittens. Terri O (PS) thanks for all the quick replies! This is really a friendly group!
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    very lovely charlie .
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    Give him a warm bath with Dawn, Leave the soap on him for about 10 mins. to kill the mites, Just be careful not to get it in his eyes or mouth.

    Then Blow Dry, with a hair Drier. He will enjoy that. Then you can dose him with one of the drugs mentioned above for mites/ticks/fleas.

    Electrolytes & vitamins will help build him back up. Yogurt and Probiotics will help build Digestive enzymes back up.

    ETA: link to info on Mites/Lice
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