Please help, chicken acting weird!


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Jun 15, 2013
Puffy is her name, she is isolated her self from the rest of the flock. She stands weird, she was with brooder fever, weeks ago, but we don't have a rooster so right now, she is not brooding. She is eating, but not so much, she is not active :( What can it be?
thank you

Please look at the pictures

I think that hen may be egg-bound. Examine her abdomen, the area around her vent and check if you can feel an egg in there. If so, place her in a container with warm (not hot!) water for about 20-30 minutes. While she's in there, gently massage her underside front to back while she's soaking. The warm water will help expand her innards and massaging will help move the egg along. Lubricating her vent will also help her pass the egg more easily. Whatever you do, do not break the egg inside her! Be careful and gentle with her.

Here is a good read on egg binding with more info:
thank you!!
I gaver her oatmeal, she ate it, she is drinking too, but she walks like a penguin and stands like an owl, I'll do that, hope will help her, I examined her abdomen early this morning, but I didn't feel anything, I'll do that again.
thanks for asking, she still the same, she ate a little bit, almost nothing, she is slow, walk like a penguin :( yesterday I put her in a tub with warm water, let her alone in the nest, but nothing :( I'll do the same today!
well, I did everything, she still walking as a penguin, ate a little bit! :( the whole time she is alone in a corner :( :(
thank you chippysmom! our Puffy died last week :( I think she had sour crop! :( we were very sad! thanks you for the link i"ll check it!

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