Please help....chicken got bit by dog

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  1. heatherleigh190

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    Oct 23, 2009
    I have 5 hens that are 17 weeks old. Yesterday one of them pecked at my rat terrier who then turned around and nipped her back. She had a small cut near her comb and another on the side of her face. It was nothing deep. I put neosporin on it and today, the side of her face that was bit is swollen a little bit, enough for me to notice. What should I do. What antiobiotics can they take. I am so broke right now and am not even sure if a vet near by would know what to do, we live in thre city. I read that Duramycin is for chicken but would it help a dog bite infection? I can pick that up from tractor supply. Thanks.
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    I really wouldn't put her on any antibiotics unless it is infected. I would just wash it a few times a day with saline solution and keep the antibiotic cream on it. They heal up relatively fast.

    You could give her some aspirin if you think she is in pain. One tablet per gallon.
  3. heatherleigh190

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    Oct 23, 2009 81 mg tablet per gallon of water.....what about the other chickens?(if they drink it)
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    Absolutely no problem for the other hens to take some painkiller too. Unavoidable really.

    But... If you are able, and it is practical for you, separating her might be a good idea. You can keep a close eye on her, let her get some rest while she is away from the flock, give her all the medication she needs (and be sure she is getting all of it, rather than wasting it on the other birds), and monitor her progress.

    I always find a couple of days in an isolation pen gives me the chance to work out what is wrong with my girl, and also gives her a bit of peace and quiet to recover.

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