Please help! Chicken injured and now won't walk

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  1. Tdockery

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    Jun 20, 2016
    Ok, long story short, my chicken pen was broken into and my chickens were attacked. 2 of my chicks are missing(I am assuming they are dead). One of my Sussex chickens was attacked but survived. She's 3 months old. At first, she appeared to just have a broken wing so I put it back in place and wrapped a bandage around it. A day or so later, her other wing started drooping and now she can't stand or walk. She's been pooping on herself and I've noticed she is getting yellowish wounds on her skin. I've cleaned them and put antibiotic ointment on them. I'm not sure if they are from her laying down so long or what but they were not there when she was injured because I looked her over. She cries in pain if I have to pick her up. I don't want to lose her as she is my talking buddy but at the same time, I don't want her to suffer. She is eating and drinking ok but appears to choke every now and then. I am very new to owning chickens so any help or advice would greatly be appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!
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    I'm sorry you are having trouble.

    How long has it been since the attack?

    I suspect the wounds on her skin are from laying down, it would be like breast blister or something similar. If she is not able to move around, the sores/wounds will continue.

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