Please Help. Chicken is going down hill fast .

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    May 12, 2016

    This website has help me so much with my girls. But I need help for one of my hens so I created this account so I can talk to you guys.

    So. My Buff Cochin is a year old very calm and sweet. Had never been a good flyer or had good balance. I had two but unfortunately the other must have gotten a prolapsed vent in the night and when I went to check in the morning I found her barely alive, the other chickens ate her alive and she died an hour after finding her. About 2 weeks ago I noticed and creamy white substance coming from my other buffs vent. Went on here and did some research and found out she had a yeast infection. I put her in the garage and put yogurt in her food, apple cider vinegar in her water and yeast infection cream in and around her vent. She started getting better but then she tried laying an egg. The egg became egg bound and after a lot of Prep H it finally came out and I put a blanket over the cage so she wouldn't try to lay. She got better, but the white stuff was still coming out but not as bad though. Long story short she laid 2 eggs week later just fine. Yesterday she became egg bound again. Unlike last time she was very lethargic and worn out. After a long time she got the egg out, but she is not eating , barely drinking, sleeping all the time just not alert. Her crop is swollen and clear liquid is coming from her mouth.
    I really like this girl. I'm trying as much as I can and I really want to save her but I know she will continue to become egg bound and she is just in so much pain when it happens. I know some will say just to end her suffering, but please if some one has any advice that would be awesome.

    Thank you.
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    On this, I have no idea...


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