PLEASE HELP! Chickie in egg looks BAD!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by the simple life, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. I have had a hatch going on since day 20, today is day 22. Most of them hatched yesterday and a few last night. Two hatched this morning, one didn't make it.
    The problem here is this chickie still in the egg. It pipped early yesterday and seemed to be making very slow progress. This morning I get up and there is a bigger crack in the side and I can see its face but there is blood around the crack and it looks like maybe where the neck is, but I can't be sure. The hatched chicks were climbing all over the eggs in there but I don't know if that could have caused this'
    I can see that it is still breathing, but it looks like there is a gel over it and then the blood. What should I do? I don't want it to suffer but I don't know if it will make it.
  2. I don't really have any advice since I've never hatched before but just wanted to say, Good Luck :| I hope the little one is ok and that someone has something useful to say to you soon...
  3. Thank you, its tough to sit and watch it like that. I know that they tell you not to interfere but this looks bad. I was so happy that my hatch was going so well, all chickies hatching like crazy and tumbling around. Then it ends like this,ugh.
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    Sorry to hear that. [​IMG] Can you see if it's able to get air? If it can beathe, I'd just wait and see what happens. If it can't breathe, I'd try to help out just a tad.
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    Sometimes there is blood when they are pipping from the egg. If it is breathing and the beak is exposed so that it can get air - just give it some more time. I doubt the chick itself is bleeding - just the membrane which is full of blood vessels that break and bleed when hatching especially when it's still a little early. Some chicks just take a little longer than others.
  6. I appreciate the advice! Its so stressful when you don't know what to do. It is breathing, I can see its beak and side of its face. It looks like a gel over it. I will wait it out. I still have a few eggs in there that I plan on leaving until day 23 which is tomorrow. One is hatching as we speak and that one didn't even pip until an hour ago. I actually thought the rest were going to be duds but wasn't entirely confident about that so am waiting it out. Glad I did since this is the second one to hatch today.
    I will keep you posted.
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    If it stops making noice for a long time and it really drags out in time I would help it a bit. There is some really nice advices on this site about how to do that without hurting the chicken. Good luck.
  8. goatkeepers

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    How's it doing? I'm rooting for it.
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    I don't like to interfere but, I have had some chicks that almost fully zipped, stopped to rest, and the membrane stuck to them. There is probably a humidity reason this happens, but I feel at that point they might need some help. I had two chicks like that that I left alone for 12+ hours, and they were not progressing, so I helped them a bit.
  10. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks so much for the help and support. He is still laying in the egg and I can see that it is opening and closing its mouth and opening its eyes a little.Its the first I have seen of him trying to open his eyes.
    I think you guys are right about helping it out if it goes on much longer. I think you are also right about the humidity. The first ones were hatching out like crazy, just flying out of them with ease and then towards the end of the hatch the last couple had dried shell or membrane? stuck to their backs a little. They seem fine now, but it would make sense that this is what is going on. I have another egg pipping as well.
    I will keep you guys posted. Thanks again, Natalie

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