Please help does this look like Coccidiosis ?

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    I have these photos of a bird I got Tuesday Aug 30th, a second Tolbunt Polish app 12 weeks old form a breeder in Eagle Creek Oregon. This is a pooh she did this morning is it the shedding of the lining or Coccidiosis.
    The breeder stated today after looking at my photos:

    "That looks like Coccidiosis. It causes bloody stools. I treated my entire flock about 8 weeks ago. I used 9.5 ccs/gallon of water/ changed each day for 7 days."

    BUT if she did treat them is this still possible Coccidiosis?

    Now the worse parts of my story:
    The first Tolbunt "Gwen Stefani" I bought from Patty August 14th. Gwen starting acting depressed and then wasting away after 8 -10 days. I brought her to the Vet yesterday Sept 2nd and she had to be euthanized. I loved that girl so much it broke my heart, she was truly one in a million in how dear and sweet she was, trilling all the time. I even thought to pay $1,000 to keep her alive with intubate liquids and food twice a day but if she had Mareks she would have gone back down and why put her though all the suffering? Ive been crying about all this since yesterday afternoon.
    Before all this went sour I went to the breeder to get another Tolbunt so she'd have one of her buddies and she did apprecte it and they cuddled and were happy for a few days but she still was not eating and I began forcing liquids (electrolytes and probiotics) and mash into her. NOW Im thinking I have a more serous problem and I have 9 other hand raised healthy birds Im very concerned about. I have my new Tolbunt Ann-Bonnie separate but I do have another one of my hand raised 14 weeks old and white/black polish with her so she is not lonely. The Vet Dr. Lisa Harrenstien or Avian and Exotic Veterinary Care suspects Mareks, and emailed this last night "I wanted to let you know of Gwen's postmortem necropsy findings. I do strongly suspect she had Marek's Disease; her sciatic nerves did not appear enlarged, but her proventricular wall (the first part of her stomach) was greatly thickened, which can be seen with Mareks."
    This is horrifying to me. Im new to chickens one year and have all healthy birds up thill this. Ive read up on it and talked the Vet the worst is that it can live on for 65 months in the environment and i wont see anything for 10 weeks to 5 months but it can take out 60% of my birds that are my pets to. Ive given all this info to the breeder and urged her to pay for the University to do a full necropsy especially since she is selling these on Craigslist and Ebaying the eggs all over the USA.
    I cant begin to explain how upset I am.

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    Coccidiosis is a disease that all young chickens can get from the soil. All chickens have some in their guts, and they hopefully build up immunity to the strains of coccidia in their soil and environment in the first 20 weeks of life. Treatment with Corid, either preventative or during an outbreak may be needed more than once until immunity is achieved through natural exposure. When chickens suffer from an immune disorder, such as a Mareks, they may get more common illnesses than normal.
    If I saw a dropping like the one in the pictures, I would go ahead and treat with Corid. It will not harm them. A vet could also look at some droppings to see if there is an overload of coccidia in the stool.
    Sorry about your loss, and I would go ahead and get testing done specifically for Mareks if you lose another. Mareks is pretty much everywhere, and vaccination as day old chicks is a good way to help in prevention.

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