Please help-dog got ahold of our ISA brown!

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  1. Mystyk13

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    Oct 28, 2007
    I am not sure she is going to make it! The neighbors dog came over onto our property and got her-I found lots of feathers and then my hubby found her. She has puncture wounds from an obvious dog bite and she is still alive. She cannot get up at all and it seems her "butt" is protruding a bit. She is alert, but does lay with her eyes closed alot. We want to put her out of her misery-but at the same time have a tiny bit of hope that she may make it. Is there any suggestions? Is there anything I can give her for pain such as crushed up ibufrofen? Thanks....
  2. DuckLady

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    Jan 11, 2007
    NE Washington State
    You can dissolve 5 plain aspirin in a gallon of water for her to drink.
    Other than that, clean her wounds with soap and warm not use peroxide.

    Cover with neosporin or other antibiotic cream.
    Keep her in the dark and quiet. You may need to try to get her to drink by dribbling water in her beak.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Mystyk13

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    Oct 28, 2007
    Unfortunately she just died. It was peacefully at least. I am so sad....she must have had internal injuries. We are going to go confront our neighbor-this is not the first time their dog has come into our yard. We will be nice of course, but I am still so upset! We have had no problems with letting our chickens freerange for a couple of hours every night until they got a dog. We have 10 acres and they are on the side of us. We also have a dog and she never goes over to their yard, I see no reason why they should not be able to control their dog! Thanks for the info, hopefully I will not have to use it again, but I will remember it just in case.
  4. Pine Grove

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    Jul 18, 2007
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    Sorry about your chicken..Usually with dog attacks There is internal injuries/bleeding. Asprin will make matters worse..Ibuprofen would have been fine to give

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