PLEASE HELP! Duck egg hasn't pipped air sac at all


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Aug 18, 2019
So i have a mixed batch of duck eggs that i put in the incubator the same day. They are all alive and have pipped through the air sac except for one. This one has looked differently when candling these 24 days in the sense that the others were dark near the air sac and this one i think might've developed upside down? Its still alive as i see movement but im worried it wont be able to hatch. All the duck eggs come from breeds that hatch in 25-28 days. This is also my first time incubating and im really worried about that egg. This is the 24th day and they started pipping the air sac the 22nd and 23rd except that one.
For starters, welcome to BYC!

If the expected hatching time is 25-28 days, it might just not be ready to pipp. I've never hatched duck eggs though, so lets tag some people that have.

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You might consider asking the staff to remove your second thread on this topic. It is easier for you to just have all the information you need consolidated, and easier on us to follow along.

Best of luck, I'll be following along to learn with you.
Mallard derived Ducks take 28 days to hatch. Calls 26 and Muscovy 35 days. What breed are you hatching?
This is what the person i got the eggs from said. Also i can hear one of the other ducks peeping already and it has made its first external pip.


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Ah, no. They were about 5 or six days old when they got here but i was the one that started incubating them
Its just as i thought. The ducks head is on the opposite side of the egg away from the air sac. I just checked them and i noticed an external pip on the one that hasnt pipped the air sac yet. It still hasn't so i dont know if that will affect the duck when it hatches

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