Please help, favorite hen is sick again.


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Nova Scotia
I have a hen that seems to be sick again. This happened 3 months ago and today suddenly, the same symptoms.....
She has a big red comb that takes on a hugh of blue or purple when she gets sick. She is lethargic right now, standing still mostly. She was fine just 2 hours ago and all of the other chickens are fine. She did not lay an egg yesterday or today which is out of sorts. Last time I thought she was egg bound and I put her in the tub with warm water, used oil, my finger and all that, I could not feel any egg. Last time she got better after about 2 or 3 days and layed an egg with no shell or a broken egg... not sure. She has been completely normal ever since except her egg whites have been a little on the watery side.
She is a very avid eater, she eats too much if you ask me. Today her crop is huge and mushy, definately not hard. She drank some water but is not eating right now. 2 hours ago she was eating greens, bread, layers mash, grower and yogurt. She is fluffed up and looks cold and it is a cold day today. She has diarrhea..... green and white and very watery. She keeps her eyes closed most of the time unless I say her name.....
Any thoughts?
my girl is acting somewhat like that. i think she has sour crop. she has not laid an egg in awhile because of stress i think, i gave her some apple cider vinegar a little bit ago that was diluted in water. maybe the same thing?

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