Please help - finding a good home for my rooster (San Fr Bay Area, CA)

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    am hoping you can give me some advice. A little over 3 years ago, I visited a hay and grain store in a local neighborhood because they had a sign out advertising baby chicks and ducks for sale. I was curious to see if they were being humanely cared for, what the situation was there with them, etc. Well, it wasn’t the best, but wasn’t the worst situation for them, but I did ask a lot of questions about where they came from, what happened if they weren’t purchased, etc. There were quite a few baby chicks in the pen and it pulled at my heart strings. Before I knew it, I had taken 2 baby chicks home. Needless to say, I did not stop to think about what I would do when they grew up, I could only think of how adorable they were and how much I wanted to know that at least 2 were going to be well-cared for and loved as pets. I am surprised that I didn’t take them all home. The store owner gave me some information and also told me that I had picked out 2 hens. He was wrong.

    My little chicks grew up to be 2 bantam roosters (the crowing gave them away) whom my boyfriend and I loved and cared for adoringly. They were best friends and loved to play together in the dirt. Early on, we taught them not to fight with each other by picking them up and teaching them the word ‘no.’ They were never far from one another when playing and pecking in the yard. They had a wonderful 3 years together.

    Within the last few months, given personal and monetary situations beyond our control, we were finding that we just couldn’t keep them. We are moving from our house with a yard, back into an apartment. I wanted to try to find a good home for them, where they could have a yard to play in and with someone who would love them like me. And then my little Black Japanese bantam got sick. The vet said it was probably a bacterial infection (he had always been a sick rooster – he hurt himself as a cockerel and she said at the time he could have neurological issues, etc.) and he received an antibiotic shot, and I gave him oral antibiotics every day for 14 days. Nothing helped, he lost a lot of weight. I cuddled with him and hand-fed him. He passed away in the night, I hope peacefully, and he is not in pain anymore. But I have cried and cried over my little rooster, he was my first pet as an adult.

    I am still in a tough situation with my other rooster, Brownie. He is a healthy, Belgian bantam and is adorable. But I’m only in my home a few more months and without his brother, I find it especially unfair to keep him, even if I could. I don’t have the option of taking on other chickens so he has company. I want him to have a good home, be taken care of, have a yard to play in and other feathered friends. This is tearing me apart, to in essence "give him away" even though I'd choose not to, having to deal with the death of my other pet, and having to deal with moving and the reasons I am moving. But I am trying to do what I am capable of and what is best for my roo.

    Any advice you can give me would be EXTREMELY appreciated. I love him and he needs a good home.

    Thank you for reading this, as it was much longer than intended.
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    That's a really sweet story of how you got your roosters... thanks for sharing. Sorry for your loss -- sometimes there's nothing you can do. I really hope you find a good home for your remaining baby, and that your moving situation is okay! [​IMG]
    Things you can try: Craigslist, Freecycle (check to see if your local freecycle permits freecycling pets... the Santa Rosa one does, not sure about others).
    Obviously, you can state that this little roo is NOT dinner and will go to a good home only. (And since he's a bantam, you're probably more likely to find him a permanent, loving home anyway.) If you're lucky, and this little guy is breeding quality, maybe you can find someone who's looking for a bit of genetic diversity in their belgian bantam flock!
    If you strike out on Craiglist and Freecycle, there is a lady in Cotati (up by Santa Rosa, north of SF) who rehomes roosters. She posts frequently on Craigslist as the "poultry palace." I don't think she kills/eats these roosters... I think they go in with her general flock... but you'd have to check to make sure.
    Other suggestions: try posting on the community board at your local feed store.

    Good luck!!
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