PLEASE HELP found more blood poo tonight as I was closing up the coop?

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    This spring I got 13 chicks at my farm store. All was going well. About 3 weeks ago a breeder in the area decided to close down do to a large raccoon attack. I got 15 rather ruffed up Dominique's, two being Roosters. I also got 1 speckled Sussex,1 barred Rock, and at lest 3 Ameraucana assorted birds which I haven't figured them all out yet.

    The breeders coop was really dirty sickbyc the "bedding" was poo on poo. The birds smelled really bad.

    There new living area is a 7 by 24 coop with wood shavings over a sand ground. The hens are free range all day and the 8 roosters have a 24ft by 25ft yard. (The rooster do not seem to be having any problems, normal poop.

    The first week I had them there poo was runny, I thought stress but by the end of the week the poop had not changed, and one bird was not acting normal (that bird didn't make it). Upon closer inspection I found bloody poop.

    I did some quick googling and decided to treat them for coccidiosis with corid for 7 days. Most of the poop firmed up. the birds have been off of corid since last thursday os 5 days. This morning I notest more runny poop maybe only 1 to 3 birds, an hour or so after that I found a runny, bloody? poop.

    Went out again to see how everyone is doing this afternoon, everyone is acting normal. No more runny poop.

    So what should my next step be?

    Water Pixie

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