Please help ... Fowl pox in my babies šŸ˜­


Oct 25, 2021
I'm relatively new to raising chickens and haven't experienced any problems until now . I have a hen that laid ,took over other eggs immediately following hurricane Ida . She's young but healthy and is a great mother ( blue Cochin/gamebird mix) She hatched out 13 and 10 survived (9 after a hawk.) They were healthy at hatch but a week and a half later mom started showing light spots on her comb and a little puffy . I looked online and read about fowl pox . Skip to now ... All 9 babies and mom have it but the poor babies are horrible . They eat , drink and run around as usual but they're looking so bad and it's getting worse although it's been almost 3 weeks . What can I do for them ? Will they be permanently disfigured ? I will gladly keep all of them if so and give them a loving home no matter how they look . I desperately need any advice on making it better for them .
It's also looking like they're is swelling/ lumps/knots under the skin that's doesn't look like the fowl pics pictures online . They're poor little faces are deformed looking now aside from the sores for the fp .


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Can you post some pictures of the birds affected? So we can see what's going on.
If it is pox, then it usually runs it's course without any real problems. If any develop wet pox (lesions in the mouth and throat) that is more serious (and less common). If they are eating and drinking well and acting normal that's good. If there are lesions near the eyes then you should watch for any secondary infection in the eye, it doesn't happen a lot, but it can happen. If it were to happen you can use terramycin eye ointment or plain neosporin in the eye a couple of times a day. Most of the time it's best to leave the lesions alone (the scabs can spread it), if any are really bad you can dab some iodine/betadine on them with a qtip. Usually once all the scabs have fallen off, the remaining pale spot will gradually fade and they will look normal again.

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