Please help! Hen died suddenly, have fertile eggs!


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Sep 30, 2011
Please help. My pet hen died suddenly this morning. She was sitting on five (we believe) to be fertile eggs. She started sitting on them on the 14th. She was a dear pet, and am really hoping there is some way to keep the chicks. I'm looking for an incubator, but in the meantime, is there anything I can do to keep them warm here at home? I have them in a large plastic box, on the nest with a heating pad underneath... Please, if anyone has any ideas... I'd like to try to have them here at home since we live in such a isolated area....

Many local feed stores have a cheap (but effective) incubator called the Little Giant 9200. It's very inexpensive, around $50, and has pretty easy to follow instructions. I have one, and really the only problem I have with it is the fluctuations in temperature, so you will just have to keep an eye on it.
Worth a shot!
OMG no, not speedy!

I was really rooting for her.
I'm so sorry you lost your pet I know how painful that is.

Your local feed store or tractor supply may have an incubator.
I hope you are able to hatch some babies from those eggs.
Yeah Foxy, so SAD. She recovered from the pox beautifully, happy and healthy...laying lots of eggs... I finally let her have a boyfriend... And then... SADNESS. She gave me a great year of life. I'm hoping her eggs will hatch. I picked up the Brinsea mini incubator today from Craigslist for 50.00. The eggs are in it, and seem to be happy. I will watch them carefully. The great mystery - what happened to her? Her symptoms included trembling/shivering, lack of energy, watery poo, lack of interest in food... she went from happy to gone in a matter of HOURS. I'm scared to think of what could happen to her chicks! We have centipedes, slugs - but no other critters to worry about... I don't understand it. :-(

I checked my eggs today... I have VEINS! I know it's not fur sure yet... But, I feel like I can have hope now. :)
Good luck with your hatch. So sorry about your hen. Having some fuzz butts running around always helps anyone to feel better! All the same, sorry about the hen.
Thanks Mac! I'm hoping for at least one chick... Some people here think I'm strange for missing my hen as much as I do... but when I think of it, I've never had another pet that contributed to my daily life as much as she did... I fed her grain and veggies...bugs... and she gave me daily eggs and cuddles... all my cat gives me is salty looks and hair balls to clean up. ;-)


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