Please help... hen pecked my girls vent!!


8 Years
May 24, 2011
my chickens are rescue battery hens and are still growint their feathers. chloe was totally bald and it is taking a little more time for her. we recently introduced a new bird into the flock and there were no signs of anything wrong. this morning i found chloe hiding in a corner while the new bird pecked at her vent. she was bleeding badly and her vent is very swollen. i isolated the new bird and took chloe inside and gave her a warm bath and cleaned her vent. there is quite a lot of damage. i applied sudocream to the areas that werent too bad and she is now in my bedroom shes sore but was able to poo although it was quite watery and she ate some mashed vegetables.
Should i take her to the vet to get antibiotics or should i apply topical antibiotic cream?
Blue kote from TSC works miracles in these situations BUT before you do can you post a photo so we can see just how bad the damage is? I would the to apply any meds if its really bad-meaning to the point of no return bad...I'm sorry I'm just being honest...NO peroxide as it will kill the tissue...the blue kote hides the open wound and blood-while healing with its medicinal properties ( chickens are extremely fond of open wounds and the redness of the blood to pick at) I would keep her totally separated at this point until she heals over too,,,
aww good!!!!! just keep using the meds and she should be fine as long as the wound isnt REALLY open and bad-watch for flies laying eggs on her wound-wouldn't want maggots in it
thank you so much for all your advice. her wound is so much better and she is starting to feel herself always talking and the first to get to the food lol theres still quite a bit of bruising but she is so much better. thank you again

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