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    May 13, 2011
    I have a small silky mix that just yesterday started acting different. so I isolated her and found out that when I pick her up (but she normally won't let me) her croup just feels full and squishing and if I press on it then she starts vomiting out of her mouth all this liquid!!
    By evening it's full again... I have her some medicated chick start to see if she'd eat & she us eating & drinking on own... Good sign.
    I couldn't find anything on this site about these symptoms... There is no wheezing no other outward signs, just is quiet, doesn't want to roost, (my first alert) and will let me handle her (norm not), vomits when picked up, croup is full. Any ideas? Pneumonia? Worse? Help please!
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    Sounds like sour crop, look that term up.

    Some recommend turning the bird upside down and forcing them to vomit -- be warned that can lead to asphyxiation so I wouldn't do it.
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