PLEASE HELP!! Hen's beak not closing! (PICS)


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Western Massachusetts
We have a hen that we are treating for bumblefoot. I went to check on her today and I noticed that she can't close her beak. I just changed her dressing last night and she was fine. I checked just after lunch today and her beak is like it is in the pics. In every other way (except the bumblefoot) she is normal. She tried to eat our cat's food but she couldn't. I am not sure about drinking. Any clues? Please help!!

We have looked inside her mouth. There are no foreign objects in their. However, the inside her beak, the 'roof' of her mought is swollen and we did notice that there is some clear fluid coming out of her nostril on one side and her eye on the same side is slightly wetter than the other. Also, there is the slightest evidence of blood on her beak.

We are thinking she might have been injured somehow. For now we have her inside. We have a small area set up in our basement where we convalese any of our hens that need attention.

Thoughts? Advice?
i'am sure someone on byc maybe can help you.did you do a search here.thats what i do when i need help.

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