Please help! I need a few opinions before I make the decision...


5 Years
Mar 27, 2014
I've a quail hen recovering from a large flesh wound. She's doing increasingly well. She is now putting more and more weight on it each day, having meds and painkillers. However I've noticed she's still scooting using her wings. I gave her a thorough check and noticed the opposite uninjured leg has locked in place at the elbow. The hip moves freely and with no pain, yet trying to aid her in moving the locked joint causes her pain.

Has anyone any experience of this in any poultry? How have you dealt with it? I would make the decision to put her to sleep as shes about 50g underweight and very puffy feathered, but shes got so much fight and she doesnt look or act depressed in any way. Shes treated for all parasites and has a great appetite and is drinking well. I just cant understand why her leg locked so suddenly.

Thanks in advance for advice!


7 Years
Sep 12, 2012
If you have babied her this far, do some physical therapy on her leg. Massaging, pulling it. You could put her in a warm bath and try to loosen it up that way.


8 Years
Oct 9, 2013
South Western Death Valley, Ca.
Have you upped her protein in the food she is eating as there is a lot of regeneration of cells going on and the meds do tend to help but also weaken certain aspects of the immune system so a hard boiled egg pealed then mashed and served might give her something she could use and it is all natural and good for her ......

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