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    Apr 3, 2011
    Hey everyone, we have fallen in ranks in the Pepsi Refresh contest and have only 7 days to get from #27 up to the top 20. I just entered four of the tops that are worth 5 each. It had little effect SO I need the help of any Pepsi drinker, or anyone willing to switch for a week, to enter those yellow top "Power Codes". I also need people to help vote once a day.

    If we win the $5,000 grant, it would go towards building a brand new coop to replace the old one, allowing all roosters to be out with their hens at the same time. PLUS- Pickles has now sprouted into this GIANT boy over the period of a week and is ready to go outside as soon as possible- but the problem is, we don't have a coop for him yet! So big boy has to stay inside until we scrap up enough to build him his own coop. BUT if we win this, we wouldn't have to wait long. [​IMG]

    This would benefit rescues Biscuit, Gloria, Pickles, and the lovely miss Henny Penny (now with us for almost three weeks!).

    Please register if you have not (it's free, no spam!) at
    Please vote for us at:

    Thank you and I must say, I am becoming addicted to BYC [​IMG]
    Everyone is so helpful!

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