PLEASE HELP!! mama & baby chick questions...

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    Sep 9, 2014
    Our little Bantam hen hatched five eggs on November 20-21. We separated her from the other chicks for fear they would kill the babies. Over the weekend, we were going to put mama back in with the others just for a few minutes, just so they wouldn’t forget her, but they attacked her!! We quickly removed her and put her back with the babies. Besides the bantam and her 5 babies, we have three other hens and one rooster. We only have the one chicken coop. We have mama and the baby chicks in a chain link dog kennel with chicken wire around the bottom so they can’t squeeze through, in the garage. My concern is, how do we get them back with the other chicks?? Or is it even possible??
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    I would set them up an area in the coop, perhaps in a dog crate or something similar, so that they can see the rest of the flock and the rest of the flock can see them but they can't get at each other. It really only takes about three days or so to 'reset' a bird in the pecking order - once they're gone that long the other birds 'forget' them and they will have to fight for a place in the pecking order when reintroduced. In the future when you split out broodies, try to set it up so that the flock can still see them and you should be able to avoid this :)
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    Sep 9, 2014
    Interesting... I had to separate our broody also, but now when we take her and the babies out in the yard where the other chickens are, it's the momma hen who is the aggressor and will attack anyone who comes near. They steer clear of her... including the rooster.

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