PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!! (Baby chicken)

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    Ok so here it goes. If this becomes lengthy I am truly sorry but I desperately need help. I had 3 baby chicks hatch in june/july and now the daddy has attacked one beyond all belief. MY baby will not stand, one of his eyes looks like it is not even there but I think it is just dried blood over his eyes because my boyfriend remembers seeing his eye 2 days ago when he had to beat the big rooster off of the baby. His other eye is open (thank goodness) but all of his head feathers are gone and his beak seems to be a little off. Not like off of his face but the top is a little left and the bottom half is a little to the left so it barely does not line up right.

    When my other chicken about 6 months ago had its wing ripped off through a fence when something tried to literally pull her through it, I was able to separate her and I was able to bring her back to as normal as possible with a warm rag and some peroxide. Now although she only has one working wing, she fits in GREAT again with her flock and seems as normal as any other chicken.

    I just desperately need some advise on what to do as right now he has been moved inside and is currently going to stay in my room with me. I hope someone will see this and be able to help me asap. Most people have laughed because of how attached I am to my chickens but all of them I have had since they literally hatched from their eggs so they are my babies. I do not want to take him to the vet because the only poultry vet willing to even look at a chicken is hours away from my house and I have already saved a number of my chickens but I have never seen anything like this. The wing chicken was bad but at least she looked like she had a good chance to live once she was found and taken very good care of. Again I am very sorry this is so long but I wanted it to be thorough enough for the person who is willing to help me :) God Bless!!

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    I don't know. :(. In your position I would probably put the chick down. It just sounds like that baby is in extreme pain and if the attack was bad enough to misalign the beak... It sounds like massive head trama. The chance for infection and internal hemorrhage and permanent brain damage is significant. Maybe someone else has had a similar incident and has had success. If so I hope they post some advise soon.

    Sorry this happened to your chick. :'(

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