Please Help me determine Sex and Breed


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7 Years
Mar 13, 2012

Chick 1

Chick 2

Chick 3

Bought these birds at an auction 3 months ago so I think they are about 5 months old. Onehas started crowing and has to go but would like to try and save the others if I can identify and sex them...thanks in advance
Thanks what makes you think they are males? Just trying to educate myself so I dont find myself in this situation again
Actually 3 might be pullet. The tail feathers are long but not too long. Although the comb is really big
They all look like cockerels to me, I'm seeing a lot of saddle feathers and hackle feathers, not to mention the sickle feathers already coming in. They look like Australorps to me, a little scrawny though, how old are they?

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