Please help me figure out these breeds!!

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    Hi I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what breed chickens i have. I have been looking online but i am stumped since there are some breeds that look alike. I got a variety pack of chicks ( 3 colours, yellow chicks, black chicks and a light brown) . I am new to all this chicken talk lol. id like to know so I can figure out when they will start laying eggs. So here are a few pictures of my chicken. They are about 18 weeks old. Any info would help [​IMG]



    The chicken in the 2nd pic is black but in the light her feathers are a green/blue ( this one is my favorite breed)
    Here is a pic of its back


    next one is white with black around the bum and neck. They were yellow when they were chicks



    Thank you for helping !

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    Production red, black sex link and the last is probably a Colombian Plymouth rock.
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    May 14, 2014
    The first bird is a Production Red and the second bird is a Black Sex Link. The third bird is either a Delaware or a Columbian Rock depending on whether or not there is barring in the black neck and tail feathers (barring = Delaware, solid black = Columbian Rock). Can you get a profile pic of its neck and tail?
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