Please help me identify this breed


10 Years
Apr 29, 2012
Johannesburg, South Africa
Hey All,

i have a lovely unkown pullet, and would like to try and identify the breed, i want to know how big my girl is going to get:) Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

I have had this girl since march 31 this year, when i got her she was just losing her fluffly feathers(not sure if that is the right term) and started to get proper feathers.
Her head was white and feet uncovered by feathers see pic(I apologise for my feet in it:))

Here she is a month later mostly black feathered, with grey feet, but with a few white feathers on her wing and tail. She was lonely here so we got the 4 bantams to keep her company during the day

Now here she is (3-4 months i am guessing). She has long grey scaled legs and slightly yellow "pads" under her feet, with no feathers on her feet.
Her feathers are mostly black, with some brown tips appearing on her neck and back, and green and purple starting to show on her side and back feathers,
and a few white feathers on her wing tips and tail. Her beak is shorter and stubbier then my pekin/cochin bantams.
Her comb is small and her eyes are slightly yellow.

We showed a bad pic to a breeder and he struggled, saying maybe some Australope, some potch koekoek and something red(cant remember what) So i am hoping someone here may know. She may just be a local mix.

Thanks All, this site is fantastic!
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