Please help me pick a breed


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Sep 16, 2010
amid organized chaos,Louisiana
These are my criteria in order of importance..... Least shrill vocalizations( I understand geese are vocal, im more concerned with pitch than amount of noise), breed naturally, non aggressive, tasty meat. Please offer suggestions with explanations.
well i do not have geese yet but am planning on getting some in the spring. What from people tell me pilgrim geese are quiet great parents not aggresive. They can be sexed at a day old which is another +. Im getting pilgrims next spring and i cannnt wait!
Stay away from Chinas Shrill and Loud.
All geese breed naturally
aggressiveness is Not a breed issue it varies in each bird, a result of upbringing.
taste depends more on how the bird was fed. Select breed by how big a bird you want.

Their honk is a deeper bass, not shrill like Chinese. My Chinese talk all the time.

They are a large breed, good meat geese.

Although they can be agressive during nesting, which they will do without your help.

Most of the year mine are the hang backs of the flock, although they are vocal when strangers come around (good watchdogs). Mine seem to be much sweeter and gentler than the rest.
voting for Toulouse here. great meat birds (if you have the heart to eat such a wonderful pet) great for their feathers and less aggressive than most other breeds. The quietest geese I've ever had!
My chinese are loud, but my Pomeranian is WAY LOUDER. She's also bigger, can fly short distances (mostly over fences or up in the air enough to land on your face), and will KICK YOUR PANTS.... so while i love my geese, I think you might want to steer clear of at least these 2 breeds.

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