Please help me re home my girls!


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I have a flock of 7 chickens that are about 7 months old. I've raised them since they were about a week old. I got a notice on my door yesterday from the local animal control saying that I need to get rid of them. The notice says it's illegal to have chickens in Las Vegas but from what I've read online it's not true. I'm sure one of the neighbors must have complained since I did have one escape her coop & run out into the street. I caught her right away but I'm sure a neighbor called animal control. I must now re home them. I would love to keep them but I don't think I can fight this. If anyone near the Las Vegas area has any space for my girls I would really appreciate it! They are all laying & are very beautiful! They're great around dogs & kids. Please message me if you're interested!


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Actually, you can try to fight this if it's not illegal for you to have them. If it's not illegal, there's nothing they can do to make you get rid of them. I would start by calling the city hall and asking. If there is nothing saying that you can't have them, then legally, they have no right to make you find them a new home. Now, there may be rules as to what you can keep, like no roosters, six hen limit, etc, which may result in you having to rehome some of them, but that would still let you keep a few! Otherwise, you might also try posting on your local craigslist as someone there might be able to take them, and also try your state thread in the "Where am I, Where are You" section on this forum.

Edit - Here, check this out. You're legal, and this even cites the ordinace you are legal under:

So unless the person is within 350 feet of your coop, you are legal to keep them. If you have neighbors as close as 350 feet to your coop, get their written consent to have them, I guess is what this says you need to have. If you have no one within 350 feet, you're golden. of course you can't let them out, but enclosed in a coop and run they are legal if you meet these requirements.
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