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    Hello There!

    PLease help me I am new to this whole chicken raising and I would like to know If I got it right or not please correct me.

    I have EE I have heard that they can be sex linked is that true?

    If so how is done, by the marks near their eyes or something else? I have been unable to find a really good web page that goes into any detail of sex linked traits. Any suggestions?

    I Also have black stars Am I right?

    Thank you all very much for any and all help you give me.

    MALE blac star because it has the white spot on top of its head?


    Female Because it does not have a spot?


    NOW FOR THE ONE I STRUGGLING WITH do EE have sex linked traits?

    EE BOY or GIRL for pic # 1


    EE BOY or GIRL PIC # 2


    Thank you all so much
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    Mar 19, 2008
    Melbourne Florida
    I don't know but they are too cute!!
  3. msrma7670

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    YOu should see all 25 of them all hatched on saterday 90 plus hatch rate. They seem to do so much better than mail order ones.


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