please help me to identify these chicken diseases.

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    Aug 6, 2013
    i 'had' a rooster and two hens. but a hen and my rooster died in a range of 5 days. the rooster died two hours ago. they both were about one and a half year of age. i couldn't identify their problems. first the hen died showing symptomps for a very short time. it kept its eyes closed and kept herself away from others. she looked as if she were depressed. it was from the midday. and in afternoon it kept shaking very heavily. i thought it was because of cold. so i used hairdryer to keep it warm. but all my efforts failed and she died in the evening. now the rooster looked depressed too. kept his eyes closed, tail down. it just kept drinking waters all day long. so i mixed saline with water so that he could have some calories. there is no vet specialized in chicken in our city. there is only one veterenary hospital in here and its under government. today i went to visit for my rooster. he gave me a tablet called civax for infection and told me it could be the newcastle disease. but i couldn't find any other symptomps except keeping its eyes closed. the vet gave me a solution of saline also to feed( the one which i told you before). but at the evening i saw some bubble like things coming out of his eyes. the quantity just kept increasing. and after some time he died. while dying it also kept screaming. he was like our family member, used to walk in anytime in the house, jump over to my shoulder and i would treat him with some food. it was really hard to watch him die. i haven't seem this kind of case before( the shaking and bubbles coming out of eyes). can you tell me what was the disease?
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