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    I have been wanting to make an chicken emergency/ injury ,so if and when something happens You can just find this post, or you can make an word doc. and then just look there. Please add an injury/ cure post if its not listed or you treat it an different way. Symptoms and causes, and cures are welcome also. I have added Can you please send in cures to as listed? Thanks in advanced [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ant Stings- children's Benadryl if he starts to have a reaction to it (swelling or difficulty breathing). less...1/2ml, 1/2ml is also recommended for scorpion stings.
    It will make him sleepy. Otherwise, you can soak him in warm water with epsom salt to relieve minor itching.

    Scorpion stings- less...1/2ml, 1/2ml of benadryl

    poisonous snakebite - 1ml could be used if applicable

    Cuts- anti-biotic ointment, (Neosporin, Watch out for pain relievers that have ingredents with "caine" in them they are toxic) then wrap with medical wrap, or bandage

    Broken leg-

    Trouble breathing-


    Bumps on legs-



    crusted nose-

    blood in poop-




    Thorn in foot or wing -

    Woln't eat or drink-

    Hen-pecking - put neosporin on the pecked places and vicks vap-o-rub on the un-pecked feathers around it. You can also use Rooster Booster and the chickens won't peck the spot again. We do the Vicks and it works really well.

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