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    [​IMG] I have twenty jumbo Bobwhite Quail eggs in an incubator. One thermometer is at 99 all the time and another at 101.3. The humidity goes back and forth from 46% to 53%. This is at the end of the tenth day and i read on the net about candling. Well i looked at a lot of pictures and tryed to make a go of it. I just can not see a lot of any thing. A few air bubbles is all. I guess i should just wait and see. I wonder about the humidity and how to make it go up. I also wonder how to tell if i have any bad eggs. I have no bad smells at all so i think that should be a good sing right. I would love all the help i can get. Thank you and god bless you all.[​IMG]

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    [​IMG] Welcome to the forum! [​IMG] Glad you are here! [​IMG]

    I don't do quail, just chickens. If you can, you need to calibrate your thermometers. They can be off quite a bit.

    I don't know what kind of incubator you have so I cannot give you any specific advice. The humidity is controlled by surface area of the water. Making it deeper does not raise the humidity. Exposing more wet area will. Maybe you can fill an additional reservoir. Maybe add a small container of water. Maybe put a sponge in the reservoir that sticks up out of it so there is more surface area. Maybe use a wet rag sticking in the reservoir and laying out of it to wick water out of the reservoir.

    If you can mention what model your incubator is, maybe someone familiar with it can give you specific help.

    Hope this helps some. And again [​IMG]
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    If all ya see is dark with a air bubble an they dont smell then your doing good.
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    quail eggs dont tend to explode if they are bad, but just dry up............

    i dont even check for bad eggs......if they dont hatch by the 20th day i toss them......

    i candle sometimes.........but sometimes i dont........
    i would average the two temps

    id say that you are in the safe range for temp............
    nature is not perfect.....and eggs dont stay the same temp as hen gets off nest ect....

    last batch i had temp was anywhere from 93.5 to 102.1....

    i also forgot to lockdown the last batch....humidity ran anywhere from 42% to 55%....

    33 outta 35 eggs hatched.....

    quail are also not as sensitive to humidity issues as chickens/ducks ect are.........

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    He is some pics of my super high tech egg candler. It's a piece of cardboard with a hole cut in it that I place over my spotlight. If you candle from the top you won't see muck but from the bottom you will see a lot.

    Because of the heat and intensity of the light I just leave the eggs on there long enough to look at them which is just a second, literally.


    This pic shows devolopment inside the egg at about a week or so into incubation. You can't see them clearly in the pic but you will be able to see the embryo moving about and the vein devolopment in the shell.


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