PLEASE HELP my chick will not move


Mar 5, 2017
Hi I have 11 one month old chicks and one three month old rooster in the brooder one of my chicks will not move it just lays there it will drink water but does not move very much did the rooster step on her she has watery poop I need to give that rooster away and I can not put him outside because I already have a rooster and I don’t want them to fight what is wrong with my chick should I take her away from the other chicks please help thanks so much :(
I will get some of the pics of the chick there is a lot of poop in the brooder But the poop looked light brown and it was watery
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Unfortunately, I have no experience with chick diseases, so my expertise ends at asking for pictures.

If you can, I'd isolate the chick rather than the rooster. He's sick, and continued exposure might cause problems with the other chicks.

Is your weather warm enough for you to tether your rooster? (Like in those ads against cockfighting, where they show all of the roosters tied to kennels? It takes them a bit to figure it out, but I've never had a chicken hurt himself on a tether.)

Good luck.
Poor baby looks ill. Injury is possible, too. Please gently look her all over for injury. See if she flinches when being touched anywhere. I would separate her into a warm, quiet place so you can monitor her. Can you add poultry vitamins to her water? Is it possible she was bullied from feed? She may be weak from nutritional deficiency or something else. How does her poop look? What do you feed her? Is there any food in her crop? (Bulge on upper, right chest.)
Oh, sorry. You said water poop. She may not be eating enough. Can you wet some chick started with warm water and see if she’ll eat it? You can also try scrambled egg for a protein boost. Has she had access to anything besides chick starter? If so, she needs grit to digest it. Please keep us posted.
How long as she been like that? There’s many things that can cause watery poo bit a few things that spring to mind are; diet too high in protein; coccidiosis; spoiled food (check best before date and for mould); soiled drinking water. That’s not an exhaustive list by any means but a few ideas/things to check. As others have advised I would consider isolation and also keep an eye on the others for similar symptoms.

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