Please Help!! My chickens ate my diamond earrings!!

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    Jun 21, 2016
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    My chickens ate my diamond earrings today while roosting on my shoulders. They did it simultaneously, so I didn't have a chance to hang on to one. Does anyone know if there's a chance they'll poop them out? Has anyone ever retrieved an item their chicken ate in their poop? Please respond if you have any information on this topic. Thank you in advance.

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    You have learned a valuable lesson - chickens are notoriously attracted to shiny objects and extremely fast about their taking of them. Your earrings will likely pass through the birds unscathed as their digestive tract is not suited to breaking such objects down - however there is some concern about puncturing of the tract in the process so keep an eye on them for any signs that something is off. The trouble with your situation is going to be that chickens are prolific poopers ---- monitoring them for the earrings will be complicated by this. Are they confined or free-range? You say your "chickens" ate the earrings - are you not sure of which specific bird did it? Confining the culprit to a small area will allow you to collect all waste so that you can more easily (and with better chance of success) locate and retrieve your jewelry

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