Please help! My daughter's pet chicken may be dying!

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Jun 14, 2010
My daughter's one year old Dorking hen is very sick. We are not sure what to do. She stopped laying 2 weeks ago and I found her laying on the coop floor lethargic on Friday. We brought her in the garage in a large cage and we have been giving her an antibiotic 4x per day. She is not getting any better. She will not eat or drink. We can get the antibiotic down her through a syringe. She hasn't gone to the bathroom in a day or so but prior to that, her stool was green. I called the vet today and he said we aren't likely to save her. This is Harley. She almost died at 2 days old and we wouldn't give up on her. We named her Harley because she is one tough chick. She needs help and we do not know what to do to help her. Her comb is laying to the side and she barely even opens her eyes when we speak to her. I fear we are losing her! Please help! My daughter will be devastated if we lose her!!! What else can we try? (She is not egg bound).


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Apr 20, 2008
If she is not eating or drinking on her own it's time to let her go. These are the most basic means of survival and she can't meet them so it's her time. The worst thing you could do is prolong her suffering. That would be more cruel than anything that she is going through or will be going through. I'm sorry to say but it is just her time. There's a saying about sick chickens- you know what a sick chicken gets you? More sick chickens. Be careful. Sorry for your loss.

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