Please help! My hen was attacked by dogs!

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    Feb 22, 2014
    My four and a half month old hen, Peep, escaped from her coop this morning (the dogs managed to push on the wire mesh and I'm assuming they chased her out). She is a Light Brahma.

    Her head was bleeding (not heavily) and apart from her face and a few ripped out/ruffled feathers she doesn't have any other injuries. However I'm worried as a few hours afterward she was laying in the back if the coop resting. This is my first time owning chickens (I have four, another Light Brahmen and the other two I'm assuming are some type of Ameraucauna) so I'm not sure if she's just a little in shock and is just resting? Or is it something more serious? She's my baby and I don't want to have to do away with her. :(

    Here are some photos of her head/face (these are the only places where there was any blood visible); nothing is broken and she's walking okay. She's just not interacting as much. The dogs got all of them but she was the only one that was injured.


    Thank you for your time!
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    She might just be in shock, and/or very bruised.

    I would make sure that she has a quiet kinda dark and safe place to hide, with water and food directly in front of her. If the other chickens don't bother her, you can set her up a spot in the coop. If they will bother her, than you will need to put her in a crate.

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